Vigneshwari is passionately drawn to creative art forms. The ever innovative and inspiring nature of the process of film making drew her to cinematography.

Since graduating in cinematography, Vigneshwari had worked on several independent and team projects. She led and partnered on work behind camera in movies, independent films, documentaries, and theater. She creates digital content and works on branding, commercials, music videos, travel, corporate and family events.

Collaborating with cross functional teams, Vigneshwari updates her profile with impactful content spanning print, online and social media.

Vigneshwari integrates her artistic and creative skills with fulfilling projects on time. She is effective at managing resources, meeting client expectations, setting milestones and completing deliverables.

Vigneshwari hikes, treks, and travels on work and leisure. She practices martial arts, yoga and swimming. She volunteers in workshops to create awareness on child health, education and hygiene in rural areas.

In an earlier life, she mastered in sciences and received Academic Excellence Award from the Governor of the State of Tamil Nadu.


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